Why You Need An Attorney


A Recommended Estate Attorney can help…

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   1. Assess your particular situation and help you plan for the future. People often associate estate planning lawyers with drawing up wills, but a seasoned attorney can do much more than that. In addition to tailoring documents to your specific needs, an expert can ensure that your legal documents will meet the many legal requirements and precise standards mandated by the laws in your state. If you are ready to plan for the future, or plan to contest a will, you can consult a recommended wills and trusts expert for any of these services:

          * Drafting your will or trust so that you can rest easy knowing that the people you love will receive the care and benefits of your estate without lengthy probate proceedings and will be cared for by the people you designate when you are gone.

          * Minimizing estate and other taxes and expenses that otherwise might be paid on your death.

          * Dealing with the complexities of aging, for instance, by preparing a living will, living trust, durable power of attorney or a health care proxy.

          * Preparing a power of attorney or trust allowing your selected trustee to act on your behalf to manage your assets or arranging for selected family members to receive support should you become disabled.

          * Protecting seniors from elder abuse by family members, caregivers, nursing homes, financial institutions and others. Protecting a senior’s rights to other benefits, such as property tax exemptions, pensions, and social security.

          * Providing feedback on the strength of your case, advising you on the proper course of action, filling your case in the proper place at the proper time, and representing you in court.

   2. Provide legal coaching. If you are handling the matter yourself, consider consulting an estate planning lawyer on a limited fee basis for any of the matters discussed above. You can consult with an attorney at any time and he or she can later take over if you cannot continue on your own. 3.

   3. Make a phone call. Your attorney can make a phone call on your behalf, reducing your exposure to the risks and unpleasantness often associated with dealing with an adverse party yourself. While your attorney is your advocate, he or she is also an outsider to your conflict, making it possible to see both sides and possible win-win resolutions to your problem.

   4. Draft a lawyer’s letter. A simple letter from your attorney on law firm letterhead representing your interest may be the only thing you need to resolve your dispute. At the very least, it puts the recipient on notice that there is a problem that needs attention and that you are serious and prepared to take the matter further. 5.

   5. Suggest alternative strategies for solving a problem. There are other venues to resolving disputes, such as an Alliance auction, arbitration, mediation, government agencies. An attorney can advise you which is to your benefit.

   6. Represent you in court. If your family matter becomes complicated or contentious and now needs to be resolved by a judge, then you will need to hire an estate planning attorney to effectively represent your interests.

   7. Arrange so that your family can still enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas together. 

            A professional auction, such as done by Alliance's Certified Estate Specialists, may have an important place in your estate planning.  Often families better honor their loved ones, avoid strife, conflict and costs if assets are converted to cash quickly.  An Alliance auction guarantees that any heir can bid and buy at a fair price, while guaranteeing other heirs that don't want to own or manage those assets will get a fair price and the cash they deserve. And, they can still enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas together...