Why Other Estates Have Choosen Alliance

Why do so many estates choose

Alliance Real Estate, Auctioneers and Estate Services?


If you are deciding between Alliance and another auctioneer, remember these points: (1).Your situatuion is too important to just be added to a list of lots of more sales. You should not be just another sale that week. We know how important it is to make those personal contacts and take care of important details in the days leading up to your sale. Alliance pledges that you will be our only sale of that type that week. Some companies may put you in a list of 4 or 5 sales in the same week.  (2). If assurance of integrity, honesty, professionalism and experience is as important to you as it is to us, call for references from our past sellers. Some have used other local auctioneers, see what they have to say.


Fairness is so important..  A professionally marketed Alliance Auction meets all criteria for getting fair market value, being fair to the public and being fair to heirs and family members.


It's the fastest way to convert any type property into immediate CASH! If you are responsible for disposing and distributing property, there is no easier way than to distribute cash.


No long listing periods hoping for a buyer. We can have your property sold in less than 45 days, guaranteed!


You get top price because Alliance Brokers and Auctioneers finds the right buyers through our proven advertising and promotion campaigns.


You often end up with more net cash after a professionally handled Alliance Auction than if you sold any other way.


Our method will stop holding costs and negative cash flows that drain investors. If you are considering holding your property with hopes of a higher price, consider the following:


What is the PRESENT value of the cash you could have TODAY... compared to receiving an unknown amount at an uncertain time in the future?


Why wait for a buyer?     Let's sell it now!


Mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and maintenance costs typically cost more than $1000 per month for the average property.  Whatever your costs are, they continually build and your price must go up and up just to stay even.  Take the market value today and get on with life. . .   Let's sell it now!


Economic and political "uncertainties" (like higher interest rates, or even a war) could cause a decline in value.    Let's sell it now!


Personal property such as inventories, equipment, furnishings, etc., can also be sold the same day - often paying for the cost of the sale plus more!   Let's sell it now!


With accelerated marketing, careful planning insures a successful sale. This includes a complete analysis of your property, the prospective market, advertising, and promotion.   Let's sell it now!    Call an Alliance Pro at 270-689-1717