Postpone an Auction?

Front page, Sat. April 7th. 2007

Regionís plants endangered by frigid weekend

By Keith Lawrence

Messenger-Inquirer April 7, 2007


     Auctioneer Si Deane canít remember the last time he had to postpone an auction because of bad weath­er. But a freeze warning for this morning forced Deaneís Alliance Real Estate Auctions and Estate Ser­vices to postpone Kevin Dukeís 10th annual landscape auction, originally scheduled for today, to 9 a.m. April 14.

     "We would have had to put the trees out at the Wyndallís Center today and leave them overnight,Ē Deane said. "Iím afraid we would have been selling dead trees to people if we had done thatĒ.

    Between 500 and 600 trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers are scheduled to be sold in the auction.

    "The plants are safely in a warehouse this weekend," Deane said.